Nelson, British Columbia and Kootenay Lake

My sister-in-law lives in Northern Idaho, and while I've visited several times, we'd not been able to make the time to take a trip up to Canada. That is until our most recent travels when we were finally able to carve out the time to make a short day trip up to Nelson in South Eastern British Columbia. It's really a very beautiful town, and wanting to take in more of the scenery we continued North a bit to Balfour to take the Balfour-Kootenay Bay Ferry across Kootenay Lake. If you're ever up in that neck of the woods, I highly recommend taking the trip.

Balfour Ferry Landing
Balfour-Kootenay Bay Ferry
Balfour-Kootenay Bay Ferry
Balfour-Kootenay Bay Ferry
Kootenay Lake Ferry #hooray4hazel

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