2018 Whitefish Winter Carnival

Living in a new state, in a new city, lends itself to some very definitive “firsts” for myself and my family. This year was I got to experience my first Whitefish Winter Carnival and several of its related events including the Skijoring competition a week prior, the penguin plunge—benefitting area Special Olympics athletes—which I hope to participate in next year, and the Winter Carnival Parade.

Having never grown up in a small town this sort of community event is reasonably foreign to me. It was really fun to see everyone really get into the event, have people you actually know be in the parade itself, and to run in to people you know from other activities in the course of your daily lives.

The Winter Carnival is loosely based around an area mythology involving nordic deities, yetis, and the encroachment of man on wilderness areas. Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards served as the guest of honor this year—the 70th anniversary of the carnival—with the theme of "fly like an eagle."

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