About Matt

Thewmatt Photography is the photography-for-hire business of me—Matt Wetzler—a Whitefish, Montana based photographer. My family and I recently relocated to the Flathead Valley from Austin, Texas after pretty much falling head-over-heals for the area—even after spending some time here in January!

When I'm not out photographing things, I love the outdoors—which largely explains the move to Northwest Montana—and can't wait to get better acquainted with the mountains and trails in and around Glacier National Park. I also spend my free-time hanging out with my imaginative daughter, my amazingly supportive wife, and our two dogs and two cats.

If you have a need for wedding photography—locally in Whitefish and the Flathead Valley region, Austin, Texas, or you have a more exotic destination in mind—family portraits, travel editorial photography, or motorsport photography I'd love to discuss your event or project with you, so drop me a line!

I like penguins.